Touchdown Band

Canadian Melodic Metal Touchdown Releases

"Don't Let Time Stand Still"

An EP of Never-Heard Tracks

Released October 27, 2017!

About Us

Touchdown Band - 2016!

Bob Moody - Vocals

Dave Temple - Guitars

Perry Segal - Drums


Excerpt:  ...Dave Temple would be the new lead guitarist and songwriter, but now he and Perry (who decided to take a crack at writing most of the lyrics) needed a new singer and bass player. They were found by Dave & Perry going to see a lot of bands and putting the word out. Eventually, they recruited Bob Moody for vocals. A rock-solid local studio musician, Dennis Marcenko, agreed to help them out for the album. The band immediately nicknamed him, ‘Metal!’ Dennis. This is also the answer to the trivia question, “Why doesn’t a photo of the bass player appear on the album?”

Upon hearing the demo of the new album, Wolfgang loved it! He immediately...

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Our Sound

Touchdown band's philosophy was that they wanted a very heavy sound interpolated with solid melodies. During interviews - when they'd inevitably be asked to describe the band's sound - they called it, "Melodic Metal".

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Touchdown Band c/o MCC Recording Studios, Calgary, AB Canada