New EP: "Don't Let Time Stand Still"


In 1986, Touchdown band recorded four new songs for a planned third album:

...the first issue was deciding where to record project number three – and with whom. Dave and Perry wanted to get heavier and there was a really good rock producer available, Danny Lowe, who worked at rival Smooth Rock Studios across town.

They recorded a four-song EP and completed it that fall. Perry moved to Los Angeles to shop the record. Even though the biggest L.A. rock station, KLOS 95.5, played the EP for their Local Music Show, no labels were interested and it was never released – but Perry kept the demo!

Now, for the first time, Karthago is releasing these never-before-heard tracks and other bonus material on a limited-edition CD, "Don't Let Time Stand Still".

Coming October 2017!

Pre-release is scheduled for October 2017 - Check Back for Details!

Looking for Traces - 1986

Re-envisioned with producer Danny Lowe, vocalist Dennis Matechuk & bassist Murray Temple!


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